Student Services Department provides support to our students.



It is the policy of BARBER ACADEMY OF ORLANDO to assist students in finding employment upon graduation. Prior to and after graduation, the Student Services Department advises students on career development skills and assists them in finding employment in their chosen career field.


The school Media Center houses additional learning resources for active students and graduates. Resources include a computer connected to the internet, additional textbooks, reference materials, as well as program appropriate subscriptions. The media services resource center is open during normal business hours.


Counseling is available to all students for career and academic reasons. Students with issues of a personal nature will be referred to local public or private agencies for professional assistance.


BARBER ACADEMY OF ORLANDO does not offer housing for students, however provides information and resources about local apartments and rental opportunities for students interested in living near the campus.


Student transcripts are permanently maintained at the institution and are available from the Student Services Department. One copy of the official academic transcript is provided to each student upon program completion and satisfaction of all financial obligations to the school. Students may request, in writing, additional copies of transcripts for a fee. Provided a hold does not exist, a student may request a transcript from the Student Services Department by completing and delivering a transcript request form. Transcript requests may be made in person or by mail. There is a charge of $20 for official transcripts, and $5 for non-official transcripts. Official and non-official transcript request may take between five (5) to ten (10) business days to process.